C.A. Metalmecánica Industrial y Naval (CAMIN)



On Camin we are an EPC company dedicated to provide Industrial and Oilfield services, we work with everything related to maintenance, repair, installation, design, construction, advisory and consultancy for several activities like mechanics, welding, machining, hydraulic systems, electricity systems, electronics and automation; we have a vast experience providing naval works and also in national and international procurement management for the Oil Industry


We apply the continuous improvement to achive our clients complete satisfaction, meeting the expectations and fulfilling all the legal regulations that may apply.


To apply these values, in CAMIN:


  • We promote the continuous improvement of the company processes, when these initiatives are directed to assure the conformity of our clients needs and we assure to fulfill all the regulatory requirements that may apply.
  • We make sure that our employees meet all the necessary functions in an appropriate way to achive an effective participation in the Quality Management System.
  • We provide the necessary resources to fulfill the requirements of our Quality Management System.
  • Our General Management makes sure this policy is known, understood and applied by all the members of our organization and that it is periodically reviewed.




To plan and execute works in the Industrial Metal-mechanic and Naval area, providing quality products and services to our clients, preserving the safety of our employees, the integrity of the equipments in harmony with the enviroment and ensuring to be an organization socially responsible and efficient




To be a Leader and Innovative company in Industrial and Naval Engineering, Procurement and Construction, in a market with increasing demands seeking to impulse the devolepment of the industry in Venezuela, with an optimal performance in productive processes focusing in our people, creating more and better jobs in communion with a committed personnel with the organization values and the continuos improvement of our services.




Ethic, Discipline, Honesty, Leadership, Commitment, Autonomy, Loyalty, Responsability, Belonging, Integrity and Respect.


  • Teamwork.
  • Openness to change.
  • Delegation.
  • Motivation.
  • Initiative and eagerness of achivement.
  • Productivity and efficiency.
  • Unity and Commitment.
  • Quality and constant improvement.
  • Order.




  • To Fulfill all the Requirements, Specifications, Techniques and Necessities of our Clients.
  • To keep our Staff in Constant Personal Improvement.
  • To keep the Availability and Optimum Operation of the Tools and Equipments.
  • To achive the excellence in our Quality Management System being more efficient and effective..




It is CAMIN policy to carry our businesses in harmony with the enviroment and the society, to protect the safety and health of our employees and to contribute with the devolepment, welfare and culture of the communities that are part of our area of influence, as well as working to implement the best practices of the industry in terms of Security, Health, Enviroment and Communities.


The development of this policy is going to be made through the application of a management system for the administration of Security, Health, Enviroment and Communities risks, inside the process of continuous improvement and with the following guidelines:


  • To design and keep the facilities, set operational processes in a way that safeguard the people, property and envireoment.
  • To make permanent efforts to identify and manage the risks associated to their activities.
  • To comply with the applicable laws and regulations as well as with the other obligations that were assumed voluntarily. To apply their own standards when exceed the existing legislation or there is no legislation in regard.
  • To answer in a fast, effective and careful way to all the emergencies or incidents that may result in their operations.
  • To provide promotional programs for the occupational health oriented to improve the welfare of their employees.
  • To evaluate periodically the health status of our employees to promptly identify and take control of any health risk in relation with the job.
  • To respect the fundamental human rights, in the case of the indigenous communities that are inside CAMIN’s area of influence, preserving and strenghtening their culture, identity, traditions and habits.
  • To sensitize, train and compromise our employees and contractors in Human Righs, International Humanitarian Rights and Voluntary Principles.
  • To keep clear relations with the contractors of private surveillance, with the security agencies of the State, with the army and police, within the framework of Voluntary Principles.
  • To respond quickly to all the concerns that may come from the neighbouring communities and make continuous efforts to grow cordial relations, open dialogue and cooperation.
  • To work with the communities and institutions of the State in projects that promote the human formation and to improve the conditions and living standars of the people, in the framework of the sustainable development concept.




C.A. METALMECÁNICA INDUSTRIAL Y NAVAL (CAMIN), hold a wide philosophy in terms of the Security and Health of our workers. Affirms that the human capital has to work supporting the Safe Work Techniques, with the purpose of safeguard their physical integrity, the enviroment and the facilities, considering ergonomics criteria that make the employee a promoter of the Occupational Health and Safety, resulting in a productivity that is efficient, effective, with high quality and competitive on the market. To achive the goals our company has as a rule, to analize, plan and organize the jobs to fulfill the goals without any accident, in this regard, it is recognized the need of continuous efforts, priority and management support with the purpose of prevent accidents, provide relevant supervisión, effective and to clearly assing all the supervisors, regardless their category, the responsability that requires the safety as a crucial part of their duties in the elimination and/or control of risks, through their staff training and the correct use of the equipments and safe practices of the job, for the development of an integral safety awareness, meeting at the same time with the regulations and current legislations that have relation with the prevention, condition and working enviroment, to successfully end any work.




  • To achive  world-class performance in Safety, Hygiene and Enviroment.
  • To develop Integrated Safety.
  • To develop management systems and S.I.A.H.O guidelines
  • To achive zero accidents.
  • To develop the system called “DICI” (Detection, Intervention and Insecure Conditions).
  • To train our employees.
  • To develop plans and incentives.
  • Safety statistical control.
  • Constant communication.
  • Investigation and disclosure of all incidents.
  • To achive the goal of ZERO accidents, occupational diseases or enviroment affectations.


C.A. METALMECANICA INDUSTRIAL Y NAVAL (CAMIN) is committed to ensure the appropiate use of Natural Resources and the Preservation of the Enviroment in a safe and sustainable way, through the continuous improvement in the environmental development of each one of the productive processes.

Evaluates the impact made to the enviroment in all the commercial activities, from the waste generation, distribution, use and final disposal, fulfilling the environmental regulation, applying criteria that are more demanding than those required by law when it is convenient to do so.