Instrumentación y Control



At CAMIN, the work in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction areas, as well as the preventive and corrective maintenance services in the Instrumentation and Control process, aim to optimize the different measurement and control systems for the correct functioning of the various processes of Manufacturing of industrial areas such as: petroleum, petrochemical, gas, electric power generation, among others.


Our goal in the production processes is to provide services with the highest standards of quality and integral safety, reaching a variety of measurement and control instruments, which must be reviewed, adjusted, calibrated and checked regularly to improve Life, also the instruments must be renewed according to the recommendations of the manufacturers, this way we aim to update different technologies, verifying the correct functioning of the control loops that allow to monitor and adjust the involved process variables.


Related activities:


    • Installation and maintenance of control systems (PLC).
    • Installation, maintenance and calibration of measuring and control instruments such as:
    • Pressure, flow, level and temperature transmitters.
    • Pressure, flow, level and temperature switches.
    • Indicators of pressure, flow and local level.
    • Elements of temperature (thermocouple, RTD, thermometers, UV detectors, IR detectors).
    • Systems of measurement of vibration and speed.
    • Gas analyzers, PH. Conductivity, among others.
    • Pressure, flow, level and temperature control valves.
    • On-Off Valves.
    • Gate valves.
    • Safety valves.
    • Self-regulating valves.