Soldaduras Especiales - Especialidades CAMIN


    • Naval Maintenance: CAMIN started operations in the naval area, so we have a vast experience in the maintenance of bulk carriers for the cement industry and associated equipment, offering solutions tailored to the needs of customers.


    • Manufacture of Spools: CAMIN counts with personnel and specialized machinery for the manufacture of Spools in our facilities


    • Assembly and maintenance of pipelines: We have the experience and capacity to install industrial piping systems, to provide maintenance, as well as the associated instrumentation.


    • Design, manufacture and assembly of metal structures:  We offer the service of EPC of metal structures, from the presentation of the architecture to the manufacture.


    • Design, construction and maintenance of tanks: Our experience in the industry and our specialized personnel, allow us to offer the best solutions in the manufacture of tanks for processing and storage, this under high quality standards and complying with the International standards.


    • Sandblasting and waterblasting: In order to keep the facilities and industrial equipment on an excellent condition its necessary to protect them from environmental agents and corrosion, which is why CAMIN offers its services of surface preparation and application of coatings under the client’s specifications and needs.


    • General maintenance of static and rotary equipment: We have a team dedicated to the maintenance of heat exchangers, pumps, valves, ovens and various equipment, offering a range of solutions to the needs of the gas, oil, petrochemical and energy industry.


    • Design, manufacture and assembly of special devices: In order to offer better solutions to our customers, CAMIN has taken on the challenge of supplying equipment and structures on demand, adjusted to the specific needs of each client.


    • Precision machining: In our facilities we have suitable equipment for the machining of pieces of varied nature for the naval, oil, gas and food industry.


    • Special welding: We have the capability to provide the different welding processes required by the industry, as well as the proper procedures for each application and material to be welded. Our experience in the maintenance of process plants allows us to provide effective solutions to every need.